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kip: pomatomus socks

March 6, 2008

One down...

Pomatomus Sock by Cookie A from Knitty Winter 05

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight in semi-solid colorway Jade

Lantern Moon ebony 7″ dpns, US size 1

I’ve been knitting these socks for a few weeks now. I started the first one and finished it within a week (pretty fast for me), mostly knitting while watching the first season of Felicity on DVD. I started on another sock that I’m knitting as a gift for someone, and waited until that first one was done before casting on for the second sock. Now I’m through 1.5 pattern repeats of the leg of the second sock. It’s not going as quickly as the first one, probably because we haven’t been watching any TV or movies.

To move along with this sock a little more quickly, I’ve turned it into a travel project. Yesterday I did a LOT of public knitting on this sock, with some interesting results.

Any of you that knit on public transportation in New York probably have funny stories about looking up from your project to notice people all around you trying to seem as if they are not watching you while being very involved in watching you. People look out of the corners of their eyes, or even stare at you blatantly until you look up, when they quickly start looking at the ad above you.

Yesterday I was knitting in a fairly empty train car while the train was above ground. A woman sitting a few seats away from me was talking loudly to a friend on her cell phone about plans for the afternoon. I was concentrating on picking up a dropped stitch when I heard her say “That’s so nice.” I assumed that she was talking on the phone at first, but then I noticed that she wasn’t saying anything else. I began to think she might be talking to me, but felt sort of arrogant in that assumption. Finally I looked up and she was looking at me encouragingly. I was about to thank her in surprise when someone else asked for the time, and the train pulled into her station. I was so flustered that she had actually commented on my knitting! (This NEVER happens to me.)

I wonder if she is a knitter or just a knitting admirer?

I also went to see Hell on Wheels last night, with a Q&A session afterwards with the film makers and some derby girls from around the country. After the movie we went with our friend R to have cake and coffee and I knit my sock while we chatted. I rarely feel brave enough to do this when we go out with friends, but it felt totally normal last night. Neither of them even mentioned my knitting while I worked my way through half of a pattern repeat, and conversation carried on as normal. Maybe my feeling that knitting during a meeting would distract from conversation is unfounded.