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way, WAY overdue

June 4, 2008


Let’s just get this part out of the way:  I am sucking as a blogger, should have posted this over a month ago, slap on the wrist, etc.  

Moving on!

About three months ago, I found out that I won Carrieoke’s raffle contest raising money for her spelling bee team for the Athens Clarke Literary Council.  And my prize was a pair of socks handknit for me by Carrieoke herself.  My pictures don’t do them justice at all.  She knit me Cookie A’s Mingus socks out of Koigu KPPPM, and they fit perfectly, and I love the color, and I love the pattern, and I love these socks!  I have never felt so awesome.  It feels amazing to have a pair of socks handknit for me.

lookie at my pretty socks! 

THANK YOU SO MUCH, CARRIE!!!  I truly truly love them — sorry it took me so long to post this!


FO: Hedera Socks

April 21, 2008

Several weeks ago I was going on and on about gift knitting I couldn’t talk about. Sometimes I forget about how the internet isn’t really private, so I quit talking about a knitting project I’d already put pictures of all over the place. I knit GFF’s mom a pair of Hedera Socks! Here they are:

Hedera No. 2

Pattern: Hedera by Cookie A., from
Yarn: Soxx Appeal from Knit One Crochet Too in color 9553 Teal (bought at Downtown Yarns in NYC)
Needles: Knitpicks dpns, size US 1.5

This is the second time I’ve knit these socks, and I found the pattern really enjoyable again. I first knit a pair for GFF out of Knit Picks Essential, and happened to be in Tulsa when I was working on them. Debbie loved them so I decided to knit her a pair, too. The pattern repeat is four rows, easily memorized. I did 17 repeats of the lace pattern on the leg instead of the recommended 14 – I like my socks to be a little longer and I make them that way for everyone else, too.

Hedera No. 2.b

(sorry for the blur!)

Soxx Appeal is super-stretchy, similar to Cascade Fixation, although it is constructed really differently. I originally knit one skein in the Baudelaire pattern (also Cookie A., but I swear I knit socks from other designers, too!). The sock turned out way too small, so I ripped and re-knit the yarn for this pattern. The yarn didn’t look so good when I originally ripped it out, but after being re-knit it looked fine, just like the other sock. It is supposed to be superwash but I haven’t tested it out in the laundry. I gave them to Debbie while I was there and she wore them around a lot, even inside a pair of shoes. They seemed to wear well and feel good! It was awesome to see her enjoy them.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a digital camera on our trip so I don’t have a picture of them on her…or as a pair.  Oops!  Maybe I will do an update post one day with more pics and info on how they have worn.

At this point, I would go to this pattern as a…go-to.  For gift socks, especially.  They go quite quickly for me now, and are pleasurable to knit.  I’d like to knit myself a pair of socks in this yarn, too!  It’s really soft and the stretchiness makes your socks a lot easier to get on.

Next up:  updates on what I’m knitting now.  (I’ve already decided to rip out the soysilk shrug I showed you a few posts ago because it was way too big on top of the fact that it was never going to be as cute as I imagined.  [My advice to raglan-in-the-round knitters:  try it on very early in the knitting!  Continue to try it on frequently!!  Even if it means putting in a life line every few rows and you find that really annoying and are convinced that you still need to increase about eleventy more times!!!]  After ripping that sucker out, I think I’m going to knit Ysolda‘s Cloud Bolero in the Soysilk.)  Plus socks that aren’t Cookie A.’s, what may possibly be my first finished garment, and the must-have knit of the season — still to come at knitwhere!

spring knitting

March 12, 2008

New Knitty is up!

(Remember when you would find out about that several days after it had gone up from reading one of the knitting blogs you checked individually? You know, before Ravelry?)

I don’t find myself being so taken with spring and summer knitting patterns as I do with fall and winter patterns, so this issue of Knitty isn’t as exciting for me as some others. There’s obviously something brewing for Veronik Avery’s Lace Ribbon pattern though, as my friend’s activity page on Ravelry shows:

Ravelry Friend's Activity, 24 hours after Spring Knitty 08 was released

I’m almost done with the Poms (just have to knit the toe of the second sock and weave in all ends), and then I will be knitting the second of the gift socks I’m working on. In three weeks I have several long bus and plane trips planned, so I might be knitting Lace Ribbon with everyone else!

kip: pomatomus socks

March 6, 2008

One down...

Pomatomus Sock by Cookie A from Knitty Winter 05

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight in semi-solid colorway Jade

Lantern Moon ebony 7″ dpns, US size 1

I’ve been knitting these socks for a few weeks now. I started the first one and finished it within a week (pretty fast for me), mostly knitting while watching the first season of Felicity on DVD. I started on another sock that I’m knitting as a gift for someone, and waited until that first one was done before casting on for the second sock. Now I’m through 1.5 pattern repeats of the leg of the second sock. It’s not going as quickly as the first one, probably because we haven’t been watching any TV or movies.

To move along with this sock a little more quickly, I’ve turned it into a travel project. Yesterday I did a LOT of public knitting on this sock, with some interesting results.

Any of you that knit on public transportation in New York probably have funny stories about looking up from your project to notice people all around you trying to seem as if they are not watching you while being very involved in watching you. People look out of the corners of their eyes, or even stare at you blatantly until you look up, when they quickly start looking at the ad above you.

Yesterday I was knitting in a fairly empty train car while the train was above ground. A woman sitting a few seats away from me was talking loudly to a friend on her cell phone about plans for the afternoon. I was concentrating on picking up a dropped stitch when I heard her say “That’s so nice.” I assumed that she was talking on the phone at first, but then I noticed that she wasn’t saying anything else. I began to think she might be talking to me, but felt sort of arrogant in that assumption. Finally I looked up and she was looking at me encouragingly. I was about to thank her in surprise when someone else asked for the time, and the train pulled into her station. I was so flustered that she had actually commented on my knitting! (This NEVER happens to me.)

I wonder if she is a knitter or just a knitting admirer?

I also went to see Hell on Wheels last night, with a Q&A session afterwards with the film makers and some derby girls from around the country. After the movie we went with our friend R to have cake and coffee and I knit my sock while we chatted. I rarely feel brave enough to do this when we go out with friends, but it felt totally normal last night. Neither of them even mentioned my knitting while I worked my way through half of a pattern repeat, and conversation carried on as normal. Maybe my feeling that knitting during a meeting would distract from conversation is unfounded.

pour moi?!

March 2, 2008

I just heard from Carrieoke that I won her raffle (for her spelling bee team raising money for the Athens Clarke Literary Council)! Carrie is going to knit me a pair of socks! As someone with no knitting friends who knits for her friends pretty often, it feels dang luxurious to look forward to a pair of handknit socks knit especially for me. Thank you Carrie, and congratulations to your team for raising the most money for the Athens Clarke Literary Council!


February 29, 2008

Today I’m digging out pictures from a trip my girlfriend and I took a year ago to visit one of our best friends. We were seriously hating New York City and fled to the great state of Texas for a little vacay. I knitted my first pair of socks (rav link) on that trip and visited a really big yarn store and knit all over the city.

Here’s a picture of me and my clapotis in my favorite museum:

We not only visited the great state of Texas, we visited Houston, the home of Knitta, Please — which is basically the group that got me interested in public knitting.

That’s me knitting my socks in front of a tree wrapped in some sparkly sparkly knitting. All the trees in this cafe’s courtyard were wrapped in knitting and sparkly lights and most of the people sitting out there were just sitting among them as if it were the most normal thing in the world. I posed for pictures in front of almost all the knit tags we saw:

knitta please + me

This one area of Houston is thoroughly tagged with these crazy scraps of knitting, and it was really cool to walk around running errands and shopping and eating out and finding them on all the door handles, wrapped around trees and light poles, etc. Probably you’ve heard about Knitta before, but I just had to write about seeing them almost exactly a year before. I would love to go to one of the other cities they’ve tagged and hunt down their marks there.