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wip: Rusted Root

April 27, 2008

(Not that I’ve been posting that much recently, but things are in danger of slowing down even more because I’m starting a new job and I will actually be in a real office all week long. I thought I’d spread out some posts about my current wips to give you some material for the next week or so. And hopefully at least one of these will become a FO by then! This one is dangerously close.)

So you know how there are some patterns that it seems like basically everyone has knit, and anyone who hasn’t knit it by now probably just doesn’t get their kicks from that pattern and so that’s that, no more of those FOs? It seems to me that Ravelry is changing that, because there are new rashes of Clapotis, Pomatomus, and – yep – Rusted Root all over the place. For myself, I never realized how cute this pattern was until I looked through pages and pages of cute knitters wearing their finished tops! All the different colors and styling really made me see the potential in this simple sweater. Ok, it also helped me to see that this sweater is really simple, and that people knit it really fast.

This is where the sweater was on April 16:

Rusted Root 4/16

(Those are my Pomatomus socks!) This was three days after starting – but keep in mind that the “first day” was just swatching, and the second and third day (April 14 & 15) I was working for a tax preparer all day. At this point, I was almost through the raglan shaping, about to separate the arm stitches.

Five days later, April 21, I had this:

rusted root in progress

At this point, I was through with the waist decreases and starting a straight knitting portion before doing hip increases.  Since then, I’ve completed the hip increases and knit several inches…I just have a little bit more to knit lengthwise, then I’ll do the ribbing, the neck ribbing, and the sleeve finishing!  This is going to be my  first finished garment and it’s so close I can taste it.  (No pictures, sorry!)

Despite my new job and loss of daytime knitting time, I’m being extremely monogamous with my knitting right now (ok, I’m having a sort of on-the-road affair with my lace ribbon scarf, but this sweater could in no way be mistaken for travel knitting during rush hour on the subway in NYC) and making time for this sweater every morning before work and every evening while watching TV or waiting for GFF to come home for us to eat dinner or whatever.  I’m DETERMINED to wear this sweater a lot before it gets too hot for such a heavy (albeit cotton) top this summer.

Want an example of my extreme at-home project monogamy?  I’m seriously yearning to cast on for something new (in particular, I’m dreaming of slinky bamboo or silk tank tops – even though these don’t really make that much sense in my wardrobe – and new socks and lace shawls).   Yesterday, I spent over an hour pulling all my yarn out (I really don’t have that much)*, searching Ravelry for patterns to use with my most summer-appropriate choices, and basically just feeling all these different yarns.  I found a partial ball of Cascade Fixation and cast on 40 stitches in the round, knit 4 rounds (just to ease my yearnings) and immediately ripped out and rewound the yarn.  I mean, really, that could hardly be taken to count as cheating on my project!

So I hope to have this done soon, hopefully by next weekend, and I will post a FO report then.  In the meantime, I’ll try to post about my Lace Ribbon Scarf and the socks I’m working on (the second of which will be my traveling project when LRS is finished).  Happy Sunday knitting, y’all!


*I can tell that GFF finds this extremely odd.  She can tell it makes me happy to look at my box of possibility, but she is a little confused when I also pull out my bag of scraps (you know, all the little leftover balls at the end of projects) and start to look at those, too.  But I’m not alone in this type of behavior, right?


shrug it off

March 25, 2008

After the mini rock camp event on Saturday, I needed a whole weekend to recover my mental wellness. Sunday GFF and I spent the whole day napping, taking walks, watching Harold and Maude, and eating. And then yesterday, I did more of the same, but alone. Minus the napping and Harold and Maude, plus Project Runway. I still have these gift socks I’m working on, but I was feeling the need for a quick-and-dirty, large-gauge project, and I thought I’d give a garment a go.

As you might recall, I was the lucky beneficiary of a large box of odd balls of yarn from Skrillaknits stash, via the Ravely group Stash and Burn Groupies thread “Would you like to try?” Cirillia was getting rid of odd balls left over from projects, as well as some yarns that don’t match her season. Included in the box was three balls of Southwest Trading Company’s Phoenix soysilk in Rose.

When I first pulled those out of the box, I thought I’d make a third Clapotis with the yarn. I made my Mom a clapotis with SWTC’s Oasis yarn (another 100% soysilk yarn, but finer and sort of slinkier) and I love that one. But as soon as I started the set up rows with this yarn, I could tell that I wasn’t going to like the resulting fabric. So I started trawling around on Ravelry, and came up with this little pattern. It called for exactly the amount of the same yarn that I had, so I cast on right away and just started knitting.


I sat on the couch and knit away on this baby for several hours, watching Project Runway and listening to podcasts. That picture shows my progress after about 4 hours.

I kept going last night and knit some more this morning and here’s where I am now:


This is maybe the most accurate color representation.  I watched an episode of My So Called Life online this morning, and the color reminds me a lot of the kind of lipstick Sharon Cherski would wear.  This is not a color I would normally wear – certainly not in make up, but also not in clothing – but I kind of like this little shrug.  I’ve tried it on over one shoulder while I was knitting to gauge the sizing, and the color is cute.

My birthday is Friday and I’m going to a conference upstate, and then on vacation for a few weeks to warmer climes.  I’m hoping to have this done before I leave so that I have something new to wear for my birthday and my travels!  Shouldn’t be a problem.