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yarnbombing: call for submissions

April 18, 2008

I just found this link via’s blog.  Submission deadline is May 30, so if you have something you’d like to submit…hop to!

I am so nuts over knitting “grafitti” (otherwise known as outdoor, public decorations).  I would really like to come up with a submission for this book!  I’ve had some different ideas for public knitting/crocheting installations, and maybe this call for submissions will be an encouraging push to think something up.

Yarnbombing seems to be a fairly new blog, and promises to profile yarn graffiti groups around the world.  I’m definitely looking forward to watching this blog!  It’s a co-blog by friends Mandy Moore (tech editor of, not the American former-singer, current-actress) and Leanne Prain (apparently she started a knitting group at a pub, which is what GFF always suggests I should look for).  Their book will come out in fall 2009 from Arsenal Press.