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in love with the lys

April 22, 2008

This is just a post to say that I love my lys.

On my way to the coop this afternoon, it was so pretty and warm and the trees were blooming and I was going to have to pass by my lys and I thought, well, self, let’s just take a peek towards the window.  (Self has no money to be spending at the lys or anywhere else OTHER than the coop right now, so even a peek was a big gamble to make with my lil’ ole spend-happy heart.)

So I peeked towards the window and saw these huge, fluffy, colorful skeins of yarn tucked under a shelf right smack dab in the middle of the storefront.  (I really wish I had a picture of this display to share with you.  Must. fix. digital. camera.)  The yarn was this amazing variegated chunky yarn from Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks.  Here’s a picture of one of their colorways:

tell me this ain\'t gorgeous

Anyway, I obviously had to go in at that point.

I didn’t have any more money to spend inside the store than I had outside it, so I spent a lot of time talking myself down from buying the amazing sale yarns she had, and all of the summer-appropriate new stock. I did think I could use some split ring stitch markers, so I parted with a couple dollar bills and bought those to be supportive in some small way.

And then I spent almost an hour talking to the owner, Maxine.  People, she is amazing.  We talked a lot about knitting, and how you go about buying yarn for a yarn store (sounds hard), and about our neighborhood, and about the knitting tattoo I am planning.  And zines.  And magazine publishing.  And nonprofits we like.  And..and….and……And she was knitting a really beautiful 3/4 sleve cardigan of her own design out of another yarn from Chasing Rainbows dyeworks!  (That yarn has amazing yardage and the colors are un-frickin’-believable.)

I left the store feeling like I had met a member of this big community that I hardly ever meet face to face.  Knitters!  We are so awesome!  There is so much knowledge we can all share about knitting (and crocheting), and it felt so good to have the normalizing experience of speaking the same fibery language.  She invited me to come back anytime and just work on a project and drink some tea with her.  You betcha I’m planning on it.