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see you there.

January 9, 2009

I’ve not been spending much time writing long blog posts these days, because I want to spend my time knitting.  But I have been finding a bunch of interesting crafty stuff and posting it on my tumblr.


rhinebeck v. 1

October 30, 2008

This is NOT what I bought at Rhinebeck, but since my GFF was in charge of the camera it is a very representative example of the kind of photos we have to remember the weekend.  (This is a good thing though!  Her photography skills far surpass my own.)

Rhinebeck was great.  Our cabin had a fire roaring, food cooking, and friends knitting all weekend long.  I taught or helped four of my friends to knit, and at one point I walked into the living room and saw half of the people on this trip all sitting around on futons and benches together, talking and knitting away.  My friend C knit for the very first time during Rhinebeck, and finished a square of scraps of Soy Wool Stripes leftover from when the Yarn Harlot came to FIT on her last tour.  On Sunday, she and I went back into the festival for about 45 minutes and she bought two skeins of BMFA Luscious Silk Singles for her co-worker, then two skeins of Louet Gems and two skeins of some other beautiful something in quick succession for herself.  Within the week she’d finished a scarf for herself from the Gems!  She’s on ravelry now, too.  Folks, I do believe I created myself a twin knitting fiend.  Which I’ve only been trying to do for about two years now.

I did finish knitting the tweed striped vest, which GFF wore but was hidden under another layer on Saturday.  I also finished knitting my swallowtail shawl, but didn’t block it in time.  I’ve always read on other blogs about the unseasonably warm temps at Rhinebeck, so I guess I thought there was some sort of magical heat-creating somethin’-somethin’ about S&W.  Turns out that either a) that’s not true or b) something went wrong this year, because it was dang. cold. all weekend long.  GFF had to bundle up and the only knit wear I was able to show off was my two years old Clapotis.

I felt a little behind the times at first, but there were a lot of other knitters wearing Clapotis this weekend.

This picture reminds me that I should definitely get to the good part here.  I saved up money for a couple of months pre-Rhinebeck in preparation for a big stash enhancement to include multiple sweaters, shawls, and sock amounts of yarn, plus one of those awesome baskets, plus whatever else fell into my path.  Well, things happened (like our economy fell apart over and over again for weeks on end) and I decided that I would feel better about everything if I moderated my spending decisions at Rhinebeck.  I still spent more money on yarn than I’ve spent on anything, including work clothes, since I’ve been a grown-up (Ok, I halfway take that back because I obviously spent more money than that on my computer, and other things like that, but whatever).  I ended up with two Socks That Rock mill end skeins, one Lightweight in what HAS to be pond scum (I was confirmed in this belief when TWO. SEPARATE. KNITTERS. asked me “is that pond scum?” while I was waiting in line to pay on Saturday) (oh yeah, you can see the corner of the skein in the pic above) and one Heavyweight in what I suspect/hope is Red Clover Honey.  No real plans for this stuff yet, but I so enjoyed the lovely skein of Lightweight Jade that GFF gave me for Christmas this year, and I’ve never seen the stuff in large amounts in person before.  Had to get it.  The other thing I got was a sweater’s worth of Brooks Farm Fourplay in a beautiful gray/blue color.  And that’s it!  Still a significant increase in yarn for my little stash, but not enough to make me feel crazy.

Besides initiating a new crop of knitters, my favorite parts of Rhinebeck Weekend (known to my friends as Sheep Wool 08 or alternately Sheep and Gay 08) barely involved knitting, yarn, or fiber arts.  All of my friends wanted to go to the festival both days, despite hesitations in our early planning stages, and we spent a lot of time talking about what we will do when we go back next year.  I love the feeling of starting a new tradition, and I can’t wait until I show up at Rhinebeck with old friend in fabulous hand knit sweaters, looking somethin’ like these two lovely ladies:

old ladies

Oh and how could I forget about this?!  We totally saw Jim Jarmusch and I tried to kinnear him, but that wasn’t working out so we did the age-old stalker-y trick of pretending to take pictures of each other, but getting him in the background:

Hey look!  You can see the striped vest after all.

Jarmusch is the one with the stroller.  And the white hair.


October 17, 2008

I’m heading to Woodstock today with 14 of my closest friends for a Rhinebeck trip disguised as a cabin retreat.  I’m the only one of our group who really cares about the yarn, but others are excited for:

1.  The bunnies

2.  The apple cider

3.  The donuts

4.  Oh yeah, the sheep

5.  Cheese?

I’ll let you know how it goes.

PS:  I have about an inch of ribbing (on size 1 needles, kill me) left to knit on my GFF’s sweater vest, and half of the cast-off plus blocking on my Swallowtail Shawl.  So I’ll be knitting in the car, blocking in the cabin, and HOPEFULLY showing off my knitwear at Rhinebeck.

in love with the lys

April 22, 2008

This is just a post to say that I love my lys.

On my way to the coop this afternoon, it was so pretty and warm and the trees were blooming and I was going to have to pass by my lys and I thought, well, self, let’s just take a peek towards the window.  (Self has no money to be spending at the lys or anywhere else OTHER than the coop right now, so even a peek was a big gamble to make with my lil’ ole spend-happy heart.)

So I peeked towards the window and saw these huge, fluffy, colorful skeins of yarn tucked under a shelf right smack dab in the middle of the storefront.  (I really wish I had a picture of this display to share with you.  Must. fix. digital. camera.)  The yarn was this amazing variegated chunky yarn from Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks.  Here’s a picture of one of their colorways:

tell me this ain\'t gorgeous

Anyway, I obviously had to go in at that point.

I didn’t have any more money to spend inside the store than I had outside it, so I spent a lot of time talking myself down from buying the amazing sale yarns she had, and all of the summer-appropriate new stock. I did think I could use some split ring stitch markers, so I parted with a couple dollar bills and bought those to be supportive in some small way.

And then I spent almost an hour talking to the owner, Maxine.  People, she is amazing.  We talked a lot about knitting, and how you go about buying yarn for a yarn store (sounds hard), and about our neighborhood, and about the knitting tattoo I am planning.  And zines.  And magazine publishing.  And nonprofits we like.  And..and….and……And she was knitting a really beautiful 3/4 sleve cardigan of her own design out of another yarn from Chasing Rainbows dyeworks!  (That yarn has amazing yardage and the colors are un-frickin’-believable.)

I left the store feeling like I had met a member of this big community that I hardly ever meet face to face.  Knitters!  We are so awesome!  There is so much knowledge we can all share about knitting (and crocheting), and it felt so good to have the normalizing experience of speaking the same fibery language.  She invited me to come back anytime and just work on a project and drink some tea with her.  You betcha I’m planning on it.

a taste of rock

March 22, 2008

I promise to have some fiber content tomorrow (I have updates on my Pomatomus socks as well as photos of my granny square mania), but I wanted to do a quick plug for a rock camp event we have going today. In conjunction with the premier of Girls Rock! (which was so awesome, by the way!), Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls is holding a mini Rock Camp in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at Union Pool.


Girls and Boys ages 5-18 are invited to participate in mini instrument lessons, band art activities, and general rockness!  Performances throughout the afternoon of camper and kid bands!  Plus the opportunity to bid on some cool raffle items and a Girls Rock! Limited Edition Fender Stratocaster Guitar.

If you’re in the area and you have some little rockstars of your own, bring them out!  Adults with kiddos get in free, and adults without kids are $12.  If nothing else, I gotta say — all the performances are going to be awesome.

Knitting content?  I’ll have my gift socks with me, and if you come say hi you can take a peek!

spring knitting

March 12, 2008

New Knitty is up!

(Remember when you would find out about that several days after it had gone up from reading one of the knitting blogs you checked individually? You know, before Ravelry?)

I don’t find myself being so taken with spring and summer knitting patterns as I do with fall and winter patterns, so this issue of Knitty isn’t as exciting for me as some others. There’s obviously something brewing for Veronik Avery’s Lace Ribbon pattern though, as my friend’s activity page on Ravelry shows:

Ravelry Friend's Activity, 24 hours after Spring Knitty 08 was released

I’m almost done with the Poms (just have to knit the toe of the second sock and weave in all ends), and then I will be knitting the second of the gift socks I’m working on. In three weeks I have several long bus and plane trips planned, so I might be knitting Lace Ribbon with everyone else!

link roundup

March 11, 2008

I’m still knitting away on my Pomatomus socks, about halfway down the instep at this point. They should be done in the next few days, and I’ll post a FO report with pics. (Speaking of pics, I need to apologize for my not-so-great photos. I’m using an old HP Photosmart camera that can only take 5 pictures at one time on the highest quality setting – and even that setting is pretty crap. We have a better Canon Powershot camera, but the lens is broken and we are still working on getting it fixed. Anyway, onward with the post!) I’m also working on some gift knitting that I don’t want to post yet, so that will be coming as well.

Here are a few links I’ve been digging lately:

  • Look at this gorgeous sweater! These days I want all my clothing to feel like walking around in a cocoon blanket, but this is like a sophisticated, beautiful family heirloom blanket. [via knitsane]
  • I’m planning a trip to the Museum of Art and Design to view Pricked! in early April. Last winter they had the Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting exhibit, which I really enjoyed, and I’ve been anxious to see this new exhibit which seems like a logical extension of the first. I haven’t heard much talk about it, but one of my favorite poet/artists was involved in the public programming…
  • Jen Bervin! She has been working on a set of Emily Dickinson’s fascicles in a project that combines poetry and embroidery. (Take a look around her site at some of her other projects; if you are interested in embroidery and other fiber arts and poetry AT ALL, you will probably be fascinated!)

I also brought out my sewing machine this weekend and used it for the first time to make an improvised CD holder and the No Cash Wallet from Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol. No pictures, unfortunately, as we were being assaulted by sheets of rain all day. I think maybe I named my blog too soon! I have too many ideas for just one craft…

girls rock! the movie

March 7, 2008

Hey y’all.
girls rock movie flier

Something you might now know about me! I volunteer with the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, which is just one of a BUNCH of girls rock camps around the US, UK, Canada, and Sweden. Mainly I do band art workshops, where we teach the girls to make buttons, do screenprinted band logos on t-shirts, and make zines.

There is a new documentary premiering this weekend which focuses primarily on the first camp, Portland Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls.

From an email promoting the movie:

“If you’re in New York, come on out to the Village East Cinema now through March 13th to see this awesome film. We’re pleased to announce that Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls is participating in 2 special film events this weekend:

TONIGHT, Friday 3/7 after the 8:15pm screening
National Organization of Women NYC hosts a panel discussion after the show with campers and reps of Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, Amanda Petrusich from Paste Magazine and others!

TOMORROW, Saturday 3/8 after the 8:15pm screening
Join the filmmakers, Arne Johnson and Shane King, and a Willie Mae Rock camper for a Q & A after the show…

Buy tickets ahead of time at

The film also opens today in San Francisco/Portland/LA/Berkeley/Chicago. Other screenings are happening all over the country in the next few months. For more information on where to see the movie in your area, please visit

where I usually knit

February 27, 2008

There are three main places where I do the majority of my knitting: On the couch, in my bed, while riding the subway.

        I read on the Ravelry forums all the time about people who knit in meetings, but I’ve never been able to do this. A big part of that is that I am an obsessive note taker in meetings, on the phone, and in any other situation where things are being planned. Mostly I make lists and checklists to remind myself to do all the things I’m volunteering to do.

        But let me ask you this: Do you feel at all distracted when you knit at meetings or in social situations? I understand that there are certain projects you probably wouldn’t undertake in these types of interactions – complicated lace, aran sweaters, a big blanket. I knit whenever we are watching TV shows or movies at home, but even if I’m knitting a plain stockinette sock (which, admittedly, I’m usually not), I can get really caught up in my knitting and tune out entire major plot points. I’m afraid that in the middle of a meeting, I would get off track with the conversation. Maybe meeting knitters are not also meeting doodlers? Maybe meeting knitters are going to really long, really boring meetings with lots of other people, and not doing the majority of the talking?

        I’m not even talking here about whether or not it is respectful or distracting to other people in those meetings, although I recognize that that is at issue for some people. I just don’t really think I could function in a meeting and knit at the same time.

        But back to where I AM knitting recently. I’m writing this post from my couch, in the middle of my workday. I looked up from the computer to see this:

        knitwear all around me!

        Wool all around me! Closer inspection reveals:

        library cds + the beginnings of Pomatomus

        Library CDs and the beginnings of my second Pomatomus sock (rav link).

        (The knitting lying along the back and arm of my couch are steamblocked neck warmers knit in the My-So-Called-Scarf stitch pattern. Both are gifts, recently steamed and laid out to dry.)

        These days, I spend most of the day waiting for people to email me back. I also read a lot of budgets and funding information. So I’ve been knitting on my couch with my laptop. Not a very exciting place to be knitting. Clearly I don’t feel that I can’t get work done while knitting, but still no knitting at meetings.

        I’ve been using that voice that lets you know not to listen.

        February 21, 2008

        I’ve been thinking about starting a knitting blog for over a year, ever since I started reading knitting blogs from other people in Brooklyn. At this point I have over 70 blogs in my bloglines, I listen to Stash and Burn podcast every week, and I knit all the time…but I don’t have any knitting friends in my real life. Plus, my girlfriend does not share my knitting / pattern / yarn / stitch dictionary obsessions, and I’m basically starting to talk to myself about this stuff. I’m hoping this blog can help me cut back on the crazy talk.

        Why knitwhere?  I am really drawn to public knitting/knitting in public, to knit graffiti, and to knitting groups.  I want to share my own knitting projects, yarn ruminations, and general knitting chatter, but I also plan to write about knitting from a perspective of the places that it can occur…and how those places have an impact on the process.  I also just love too-precious word play.