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way, WAY overdue

June 4, 2008


Let’s just get this part out of the way:  I am sucking as a blogger, should have posted this over a month ago, slap on the wrist, etc.  

Moving on!

About three months ago, I found out that I won Carrieoke’s raffle contest raising money for her spelling bee team for the Athens Clarke Literary Council.  And my prize was a pair of socks handknit for me by Carrieoke herself.  My pictures don’t do them justice at all.  She knit me Cookie A’s Mingus socks out of Koigu KPPPM, and they fit perfectly, and I love the color, and I love the pattern, and I love these socks!  I have never felt so awesome.  It feels amazing to have a pair of socks handknit for me.

lookie at my pretty socks! 

THANK YOU SO MUCH, CARRIE!!!  I truly truly love them — sorry it took me so long to post this!


i love to read! – blog contest psa

May 6, 2008

The lovely blog One Scheme of Happiness is having a really cool blog contest!  She has lots of great prizes, including a lovely necklace from pookeh (Sandra at I May Be Knitting A Ranch House) and some Brooklyn Handspun yarn.  To enter, you get to talk about your favorite books!  Which, if you are anything like me, is a very exciting prospect.  Go enter!  I want some more summer reading suggestions myself, so I’m totally keeping my eye on this one.

What books did I suggest?  Three recent reads which – now that I think about it – were all last-minute impulse check-outs at the library that totally delighted me.  I seem to have good library instincts!  Here they are:

Loving Frank by Nancy Moran – historical fiction about Frank Lloyd Wright.  As I noted in my comment, I’m not a regular romance-y reader, but this book was so much more than that.  Swedish feminism, architecture, Oak Park, travel…just read it.

The Sister:  A Novel of Emily Dickinson by Paola Kaufmann – Ok, I love Emily Dickinson.  Not just because she has my same name and ALSO I’m very aware of how trite it is to say that I love Emily Dickinson.  Whatever.  This book is also historical fiction, about Emily Dickinson’s sister.  It is so compelling, and now I really want to find some violet pencils.  Ahem.

Smart Girls Like Me by Diane Vadino – I guess this could sort of fall under historical fiction?  Because it’s about a woman in New York right before the big Y2K crap?  Ok, that’s a stretch.  The girl in this book is really neurotic, but I loved her.

Good luck everyone!

pour moi?!

March 2, 2008

I just heard from Carrieoke that I won her raffle (for her spelling bee team raising money for the Athens Clarke Literary Council)! Carrie is going to knit me a pair of socks! As someone with no knitting friends who knits for her friends pretty often, it feels dang luxurious to look forward to a pair of handknit socks knit especially for me. Thank you Carrie, and congratulations to your team for raising the most money for the Athens Clarke Literary Council!