where I usually knit

February 27, 2008

There are three main places where I do the majority of my knitting: On the couch, in my bed, while riding the subway.

        I read on the Ravelry forums all the time about people who knit in meetings, but I’ve never been able to do this. A big part of that is that I am an obsessive note taker in meetings, on the phone, and in any other situation where things are being planned. Mostly I make lists and checklists to remind myself to do all the things I’m volunteering to do.

        But let me ask you this: Do you feel at all distracted when you knit at meetings or in social situations? I understand that there are certain projects you probably wouldn’t undertake in these types of interactions – complicated lace, aran sweaters, a big blanket. I knit whenever we are watching TV shows or movies at home, but even if I’m knitting a plain stockinette sock (which, admittedly, I’m usually not), I can get really caught up in my knitting and tune out entire major plot points. I’m afraid that in the middle of a meeting, I would get off track with the conversation. Maybe meeting knitters are not also meeting doodlers? Maybe meeting knitters are going to really long, really boring meetings with lots of other people, and not doing the majority of the talking?

        I’m not even talking here about whether or not it is respectful or distracting to other people in those meetings, although I recognize that that is at issue for some people. I just don’t really think I could function in a meeting and knit at the same time.

        But back to where I AM knitting recently. I’m writing this post from my couch, in the middle of my workday. I looked up from the computer to see this:

        knitwear all around me!

        Wool all around me! Closer inspection reveals:

        library cds + the beginnings of Pomatomus

        Library CDs and the beginnings of my second Pomatomus sock (rav link).

        (The knitting lying along the back and arm of my couch are steamblocked neck warmers knit in the My-So-Called-Scarf stitch pattern. Both are gifts, recently steamed and laid out to dry.)

        These days, I spend most of the day waiting for people to email me back. I also read a lot of budgets and funding information. So I’ve been knitting on my couch with my laptop. Not a very exciting place to be knitting. Clearly I don’t feel that I can’t get work done while knitting, but still no knitting at meetings.


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